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D&D D20 Kitty Acrylic Keychain

D&D D20 Kitty Acrylic Keychain

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Introducing our new line of Dungeons and Dragons themed double sided acrylic Keychains – this one is a unique accessory that captures the highs and lows of tabletop gaming in the most adorable way! Made from premium acrylic, this keychain features an endearing cat design with two distinct sides, each telling a different tale.

- N A T U R A L 20 -

One side of the charm shows the little lucky cat with a Nat20, making it a joyful reminder of epic victories and lucky moments!

- N A T U R A L 1 -

The other side shows a rather sad little cat that just rolled their first Nat1. Embrace the camaraderie of rolling a critical failure with fellow gamers, turning even the most unfortunate moments into shared laughter. This is a reminder that even setbacks can lead to unforgettable stories!

- P R O D U C T D E T A I L S -

Material: Acrylic with resin dome
Size: ~ 5cm in hight (8cm with the keychain hook)
Double sided: different designs on each side of the charm!
second charm: a small 4 leaf clover charm for extra luck <3
Glittering effect: holographic stars were added for extra shine!
Packaging: thoughtfully packaged in an eco friendly paper sleeve!

- M O R E -

I tried to make the fotos look as similar to the actual product as possible but please keep in mind that depending on your screen there might be slight colour variations to the physical product!

You can find more D&D-inspired merch and other unique things if you visit my Etsy shop directly!

Thank you for stopping by :D

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