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D&D Sakura Mage Sticker Sheet

D&D Sakura Mage Sticker Sheet

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Add a touch of magic and beauty to your journals with this enchanting Sakura Mage Sticker Sheet! This unique collection combines the world of Dungeons & Dragons, cute cats and the delicate charm of cherry blossoms, creating a must-have for tabletop gamers, D&D enthusiasts, and fantasy lovers.

- P R O D U C T D E T A I L S -

Material: matt vinyl
number of stickers: 12 main stickers and 10 tiny blossom stickers
Size: sticker sizes from 1,5-5 cm
Durability: durable waterproof vinyl! Might not withstand the dishwasher/ car wash though!

- M O R E -

I tried to make the fotos look as similar to the actual product as possible but please keep in mind that depending on your screen there might be slight colour variations to the physical product!

You can find more sakura blossom inspired merch like the holographic sticker from the last foto and other unique things if you visit my Etsy shop directly!

Thank you for stopping by :D

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